Replacement Water Filters: Keeping Your Water Pure and Safe

At US Water Consultants, we provide high-quality replacement filters for various water systems. By ensuring your filters are updated regularly, we help maintain the purity and safety of your water, safeguarding your health and enhancing your quality of life.

Your Reliable Source for Big Blue Filter Housing and Filter Replacements

At US Water Consultants, we provide the Big Blue filter housing along with a variety of filter configurations, including string, pleated carbon, and carbon block options. These filters are designed to ensure optimal performance and water filtration. For hassle-free maintenance and peace of mind, we highly recommend contracting designated US Water Consultants personnel to handle filter replacements and any necessary unit servicing.

Our experienced team can seamlessly replace filters and perform routine service calls, ensuring the continued efficiency and reliability of your filtration system. Count on US Water for top-quality products and professional support.

However, in the event that you want to attempt the filter replacement on your own, the instructions are below.

Proper Procedure for Changing Big Blue Filter in US Water System

1. Turn off water to the house 
2 .Isolate the big blue array by turning the bypasses on the unit
3. Activate bypasses on all ancillary treatment equipment (red handles on USW equipment)
4. Place trough or bucket under the housing to capture water as it is spilled
5. Press button on blue housing to release pressure
6. Use the wrench and turn the housing clockwise to loosen (do not force it as the assembly may break)
7. Continue turning clockwise with your hand and empty the contents into the trash/drain.
8. O Ring Lubrication: Prior to replacing the filter, we recommend lubrication with an approved FDA accepted lubricant that is friendly to the O ring.
9. Replace the filter by seating the new filter in the housing and lifting the housing vertically straight up and rotate the assembly counterclockwise manually
10. If you have trouble, re-lubricate and reapply the housing
11. Tighten the assembly counterclockwise with the wrench.

Big Blue Filter Replacement Notes

Important Notice: Please note that changing your filters is done at your own risk. US Water assumes no responsibility, whether direct, indirect, or otherwise, for any issues or damages that may occur during the filter replacement process.

It is essential to be aware that hard water containing calcified deposits and other pH-related contamination can crystallize on the threading of the housing. This can potentially lead to housing damage or make filter replacement challenging. Regular filter replacement is recommended to minimize the effects of such issues.

We advise exercising caution and following proper procedures when changing your filters. If you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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