Radon Testing and Mitigation: Guarding Your Health Against Invisible Threats

You can breathe easy. US Water Consultants provides state-of-the-art radon testing and mitigation services. We ensure both your air and water are free from harmful radon levels, creating a safer, more secure environment for you and those around you.

Your Trusted Partner for Radon in Air and Water Solutions

Take proactive steps to reduce radon levels in your home and ensure a safer living environment. US Water Consultants offers effective solutions to mitigate the risks associated with radon exposure. Whether you are constructing a new home or undergoing renovations, our preventive techniques can safeguard your family's well-being for years to come.

In addition to air treatment, we provide water solutions for radon removal. Our aeration process achieves up to 99% removal of radon gas from drinking water by mixing it with clean air and discharging the radon-laden air outside. We offer comprehensive water testing services, including radon detection, to ensure the purity of your water supply. Our experienced team is NEHA certified and committed to delivering exceptional service.

Radon Water Treatment for Safer Water

Easily eliminate radon gas from your drinking water through a highly effective method called aeration. By mixing well water with large volumes of clean air, our aeration process achieves up to 99% removal of radon gas. The radon-laden air is safely discharged outside the home, while the treated water is re-pressurized for smooth flow through your plumbing system.

Ensure the purity of your water by testing it for radon. Click here to initiate a radon water test.

Explore our Airraider 433 S50X Radon Water Solution to learn more about our cutting-edge treatment system. Click here for details.

While aeration offers exceptional radon removal, it's essential to address potential water quality issues that may accompany the process. Untreated iron, manganese, and sediment can lead to intensified staining effects. To avoid complications, we recommend pre-treatment for the removal of these elements. Iron bacteria or inorganic precipitates may form inside the aerator if iron and manganese are left untreated, potentially causing clumping and potential pump issues. Sediment can have a similar effect. Additionally, high carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in well water may raise the water's pH. This effect is often observed in New England and is considered a beneficial side effect of aeration, as higher pH water tends to be less corrosive. 

For further information, the State of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services offers a wealth of informative documents on air and water quality.

Don't feel overwhelmed by radon testing and mitigation. Our experienced team is here to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today for expert guidance and assistance.

Radon Solutions for Cleaner Air

It's crucial to test your home for radon, especially during cooler weather months when the "chimney effect" can lead to higher readings and increased exposure. Radon, an invisible and odorless gas, is a cancer-causing radioactive substance that poses a health risk to your family. In fact, it's the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers and claims over 20,000 lives annually. To protect your loved ones, take action now by testing and mitigating radon in your home.

Lowering the radon levels in your home is vital, as there is no known safe level of radon exposure. One effective method used is a vent pipe system and fan known as Sub Slab Depressurization. This system pulls radon from beneath the house and vents it outside, without requiring major home modifications. Enhancing its efficiency and cost-effectiveness involves sealing foundation cracks and openings. Similar systems can be installed in houses with crawl spaces. The right system depends on your home's design and other factors. If you're constructing a new home or undergoing significant renovations, preventive techniques can be employed to protect your family for years to come.

As NEHA certified measurement testing providers, US Water Consultants brings extensive experience in treating radon in both air and water. Contact us today for more information and access to resources like the EPA's "Consumer's Guide to Radon Reduction" available through the state Radon office. Safeguard your family's health by taking proactive measures against radon exposure.

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